When Do You Need Party Wall Agreement For Building Work?

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Arranging a major renovation in your property is always challenging, but even more so if you are planning on building work on a part of the home that is shared with a neighbour. 

When there is a property boundary in common with someone else, this is known as a ‘party wall’. For instance, this includes walls between terraced or semi-detached houses or walls between two gardens. 

The Federation of Master Builders (FMB) stipulates that any work planned for a party wall requires a party wall agreement. 

“You must tell your neighbours, provide them with a Party Wall Notice and come up with a Party Wall Agreement in writing,” it stated. 

Director of content at Homebuilding Michael Holmes added these are important to ensure “your neighbour doesn't suffer loss or damage to their property due to your project, and lets them limit disturbance by influencing working hours and access”.

Examples of when these formal agreements are necessary include work to garden walls, loft conversions that require cutting into a party wall, fitting damp proof course into a shared boundary, making walls thicker or higher, constructing a second-floor extension on top of a party wall, excavation works within six metres of the party wall, and building a new wall up to the shared area. 

While this sounds all-inclusive, not every job that involves party walls requires an agreement. 

If you wanted to carry out minor jobs, such as fitting units, attaching furniture or hanging pictures, you do not need permission from the neighbour. Similarly, agreements are not required when plastering the wall, adding or replacing electrical wiring or sockets. 

Homeowners who want more information about Party Wall Agreements can call us today for helpful party wall act advice.

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