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Development Management

We regularly manage developments on behalf of investors / developers. Some developers require a consultancy service after the scheme has
been approved by way of planning permission. Other times a developer has acquired a site and require our assistance in obtaining planning
permission, building out and advising and assisting on the exit strategy. We can provide a full turnkey end to end solution for your development
project. However, we can assist at any stage you require help with. Our directors and partners have been principles in their own projects thus
giving us a unique prospective to the challenges experienced from the client side.

Development Consultancy

Development projects often have a multitude of pitfalls that can be avoided if the right consultancy advise is procured in good time. In the event an issue is encountered, the right strategy matched with the right consultant can mean that issues are mitigated, and problems resolved with minimum loss of time and expense. We recommend seeking our advice as early on in the process as possible so we may make you aware of the risks associated with different aspects and stages of your development. Together we can highlight the risks and put together strategies can combat the issues; ultimately maximising value and profits.

Joint Ventures

A joint venture could be a great way of making a development work. Utilising the skills, resources and expertise of the partners; all working towards the same goal. There are a myriad of ways to make a joint venture work; this is usually done by establishing what the partner(s) are bringing by way of time, skills, experience, resources etc. A joint venture agreement is entered into by way of putting together a joint venture agreement prepared by a suitably qualified and experienced lawyer. Every type of development opportunity is unique, and each partner must establish what are their strengths and what are they prepared to put into the project to see it through to fruition. It is also important to find partner(s) that will share your vision. Whether you’re an investor, developer, landowner, agent, contractor or an aspiring developer or investor we can find creative ways to make an opportunity work.

Development Appraisals

All developments carry risk and rewards for any particular scheme. Our appraisals provide advice on development potential, design, procurement, legal issues, risks, potential return and construction costs.

We use both the RICS and RIBA methodology when appraising sites to ensure best approach and accurate level of detail required to make an informed decision. Our appraisals can also be used for funding purposes.

Providing end to end solutions for all stages of your project

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