Land Acquisition

We look to maximise the upmost potential of the land with regards to value even where others have failed. We are not your ordinary inexperienced development partner! with director level involvement from day one, the landowner can always expect sincerity, transparency and most importantly proactiveness. We look to establish a professional and personal relationship with the Landowner. We believe that what sets up apart from the rest.

From the outset we propose our bespoke strategy to obtain planning approval. Our proposal will clearly lay out the financial objectives and incentives for both parties.

If you decide we the are right partner for you, we will commence work on the project immediately.

We understand that picking the right development partner is crucial for the success of your project, there is no room for error and time is of the essence and thus you can be sure that full focus and resources would be committed to your project.

We are far more approachable and hands on than your average development company, during the duration of our relationship, we will convene meetings at regular intervals to ensure you are satisfied with progress and provide you updates in the form of reports throughout the duration of our business relationship.

Our professional consultancy background and our experience as principles gives us the competitive edge and provides you with unmatched value.

Strategic Land

Working closely with Landowners we look to optimise the value of the land solely at our own financial risk. If we cannot succeed in obtaining the envisaged planning approval we in turn do not get our desired return. You can be sure that we are in this together as your desired outcomes are the same as ours; maximum land value!

We appreciate how daunting the planning process can potentially be. We will be with you every step of the way providing support, guidance and introducing a highly experienced team to combat the often-complicated process of obtaining planning approval. Our clear and concise advice alongside our personal touch will ensure a stress free smooth running of your project. Our senior management team will be on hand to personally deliver on the promises made to you. Our word is our bond!

You can expect responsiveness, transparency and proactiveness with a dedicated director of the business dealing with you from the initial meeting, providing you with regular updates regarding progress, all the way through to achieving the best possible planning outcome and subsequently disposing the land for the best possible price by marketing it on the open market or disposing discreetly through one of our multitude of housebuilder contacts.