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License to Alter

If the leaseholder intends to carry out structural works, changes windows, inclusion or re-position of wet areas or changing floor coverings from soft to hard coverings; it is likely their works would require a License to Alteration under the terms of the Lease. Working closely with the freeholder, their solicitor and leaseholder we ensure the smooth obtaining of a License for Alteration where one is required. From the initial review of the design and Lease we identify whether the works would require a license to alter from the freeholder.

We then request the necessary information, once in receipt of the information which would include method statements and possible structural design. We produce a specification of the works and drawings if requested. If required by the Leaseholder we can deal with requests for any security deposits on behalf of the freeholder to be placed in an independent escrow account.


In order to prevent and limit disputes. We can carry out schedules of condition in conjunction with the freeholder’s surveyor of the building fabric in close proximity and finalise the content of the conditions of the License for Alteration.

Once we are content with the information in the License the Freeholder’s solicitor would issue to both parties for agreement and signature. The work can subsequently commence subject to any conditions in the License.

The freeholder’s solicitor would issue a draft license for alteration to both parties surveyor’s for agreement and signature. We would check the draft agreement to ensure that the contents of the agreement were fair to both parties before recommending the leaseholder to agree and sign.

It is not recommended that works progress without a license. Unauthorised works can usually be flagged up by the prospective buyer’s solicitor, stalling sales, affecting value and the likelihood of re-finance.

If works are carried out and completed without a License agreement a freeholder can legally insist to reinstate the property to its previous layout and condition.

What is leaseholder?

The leaseholder is usually responsible for the fees incurred the Freeholder in granting a license by way of his solicitor and surveyor.
Additionally, we can offer services of managing the works on behalf the leaseholder.
Managing agents
(your just making recommendations)
(advising freeholder on the things are potentially bad)
Hourly rate (minimum initially)
£250 - £500 – small works
10% large one – (monitoring for the freeholder)
Kwame – Form of instruction – terms and conditions (license for alteration)

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