We work with individual clients, investors, and trusts, worldwide, and can manage the process from beginning to end; from acquisition and initial development concept, right through to the tendering process for their project.

As you would expect from a highly regarded property development specialist, we carefully consider project objectives, looking to exceed investment goals. It’s something we pride ourselves on, having managed developments exceeding £10m GDV for clients.As you would expect from a highly regarded property development specialist, we carefully consider project objectives, looking to exceed investment goals. It’s something we pride ourselves on, having managed developments exceeding £10m GDV for clients.

We can only do this by utilising our relationships with leading advisors and planners, and our supreme knowledge of the London property market. With huge investment in London’s infrastructure, and growth outpacing the rest of the UK, there’s never been a better time to invest.

So, whether you’re making your first foray into the market, or looking to add to your existing portfolio, please get in touch so we can begin to look at your requirements. From acquisition, to planning, to feasibility studies, to design and build, to completion and exit strategy – we ensure that your development runs smoothly.

We consider your business case, strategic brief, project objectives, then look to work within the project budget to achieve your desired outcomes. We can only offer such a service because of our considerable experience across planning, surveying, valuation, construction, and the strong relationships we hold with our extensive network of property experts.

Coupled with our supreme knowledge of the London residential property market, and access to a large stock of unmodernised properties ripe for development, it is this which has seen us secure returns of between 20 – 50% for our clients.

Get in touch and see why we are considered, by many, to be London’s leading residential property developer.

License to Alter

If the leaseholder intends to carry out structural works, changes windows, inclusion or re-position of wet areas or changing floor coverings from soft to hard coverings; it is likely their works would require a License to Alteration under the terms of the Lease. Working closely with the freeholder, their solicitor and leaseholder we ensure the smooth obtaining of a License for Alteration where one is required. From the initial review of the design and Lease we identify whether the works would require a license to alter from the freeholder.

We then request the necessary information, once in receipt of the information which would include method statements and possible structural design. We produce a specification of the works and drawings if requested. If required by the Leaseholder we can deal with requests for any security deposits on behalf of the freeholder to be placed in an independent escrow account.


In order to prevent and limit disputes. We can carry out schedules of condition in conjunction with the freeholder’s surveyor of the building fabric in close proximity and finalise the content of the conditions of the License for Alteration.

Once we are content with the information in the License the Freeholder’s solicitor would issue to both parties for agreement and signature. The work can subsequently commence subject to any conditions in the License.

The freeholder’s solicitor would issue a draft license for alteration to both parties surveyor’s for agreement and signature. We would check the draft agreement to ensure that the contents of the agreement were fair to both parties before recommending the leaseholder to agree and sign.

It is not recommended that works progress without a license. Unauthorised works can usually be flagged up by the prospective buyer’s solicitor, stalling sales, affecting value and the likelihood of re-finance.

If works are carried out and completed without a License agreement a freeholder can legally insist to reinstate the property to its previous layout and condition.

What is leaseholder?

The leaseholder is usually responsible for the fees incurred the Freeholder in granting a license by way of his solicitor and surveyor.
Additionally, we can offer services of managing the works on behalf the leaseholder.
Managing agents
(your just making recommendations)
(advising freeholder on the things are potentially bad)
Hourly rate (minimum initially)
£250 - £500 – small works
10% large one – (monitoring for the freeholder)
Kwame – Form of instruction – terms and conditions (license for alteration)


We facilitate meaningful discussions between the client / developer and the neighbours whose homes and buildings are situated close to the development scheme in question. This helps the community to be understanding of the requirements of the development and to ensure that relationship are maintained during and after the construction phase.


The ultimate purpose of a Schedule of Condition is to safeguard the legal position of the developer and their neighbour(s). We undertake condition surveys of properties of historical or local significance within the structural zone of influence. Older properties can be more sensitive to adjacent construction works. Carrying out a Schedule of Condition can also avoid spurious claims of alleged damage from the neighbour(s), alternatively it can provide validity to a claim of damage for the Adjoining Owner


Only in two instances can access be permitted into the neighbouring land. One is under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, where the Building Owner intends to carry out works in pursuance of the Act. The other is under the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992. The latter Act only allows for maintenance works. All other access requirements must be dealt with by way of a License Agreement. We are highly experienced when dealing with these matters both on behalf of the Building Owner and neighbour and always conclude matters to the satisfaction of both parties.


Regularly a cause for hostility between neighbours, boundary disputes need not to be onerous or time consuming. We carry out site visit(s) to carry out initial measurements and look at the historic evidence for the boundary line and can advise the owners of the accurate boundary position with the intention to bring the cessation of any contention between the neighbours.

Party Wall

We integrate within the clients’ professional teams and provide straight forward advice in laymen terms. Our ability to recognise foreseeable problems and provide implementable and creative solutions in good time sets us apart from the rest. Our directors and partners have been principles in their own projects thus giving us a unique prospective to the challenges experienced from the client side.

Building Owners

As the Building Owner if you intend to carry out works that may affect adjoining properties. You are obligated to notify neighbours of your proposals. Notification is usually done by serving Notice(s) referencing the works which are covered under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. Works are notifiable when carrying out the following:
Works up to or on the line of boundary (applicable when building walls / foundations). Notice must be served atleast one month prior to the carrying these works.

Works on the party wall or structure shared between the two owners this can include raising, removing, inserting, demolishing and rebuilding (applicable when carrying out internal alterations, loft conversions or repair work). Notice must be served atleast two months prior to the carrying these works.
Excavation works up to 6 metres away from the neighbouring structure (applicable when carrying out excavations for extensions, piled foundations and basements) Notice must be served atleast one month prior to the carrying these works.

If you are planning to carry out any notifiable works, or would like confirmation on whether your works are notifiable, please contact our team on 020 7117 2976 now.

Adjoining Owner’s

Adjoining Owners have the statutory right to receive a Notice from their neighbour.
Once received this starts a procedure under the Party Wall etc Act 1996; which now gives you 14 days to respond.
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Dissent and appoint the Neighbour’s Surveyor as the Agreed Surveyor
Dissent and appoint their own independent surveyor to safeguard their interests

Third Party Obligations Reports

We provide Third Party Obligations Reports for developers who need a tactical approach to discharging all of their obligations under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. With large developments (over and above your small residential projects) we understand the importance of thoroughness and attention to detail.

Clients instruct us to prepare these reports to advise them of not only their obligations under the Act but also of neighbourly matters which could affect their development. These include but are not limited to the following:

Monitoring of adjacent properties;
Neighbourly Schedules of Condition;
Access requirements outside the Act – Scaffolding and oversailing licenses;
Boundaries and Easements.
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With large and complex developments, we understand that the client cannot afford delays or issues with the neighbours. We provide sound and understandable advice in these reports to fully inform the developer of their obligations and risks related to their proposals. Once we familiarise you with the third-party obligations; our report will also detail the strategy which we would adopt in managing the party wall and neighbourly matters on your behalf. 

We recommend that these reports form part of a developer’s due diligence process prior to any works being carried out. The advice contained therein can also be used to support the design team to amend any proposals should their preliminary concepts not be practical from a neighbourly matters point of view.  

How we operate?

Working closely with Landowners we look to optimise the value of the land solely at our own financial risk. If we cannot succeed in obtaining the envisaged planning approval we in turn do not get our desired return. You can be sure that we are in this together as your desired outcomes are the same as ours; maximum land value!

We appreciate how daunting the planning process can potentially be. We will be with you every step of the way providing support, guidance and introducing a highly experienced team to combat the often-complicated process of obtaining planning approval. Our clear and concise advice alongside our personal touch will ensure a stress free smooth running of your project. Our senior management team will be on hand to personally deliver on the promises made to you. Our word is our bond!

You can expect responsiveness, transparency and proactiveness with a dedicated director of the business dealing with you from the initial meeting, providing you with regular updates regarding progress, all the way through to achieving the best possible planning outcome and subsequently disposing the land for the best possible price by marketing it on the open market or disposing discreetly through one of our multitude of housebuilder contacts.

Benefits of working with us

We utilise industry leading experts when working on your project.
We pitch your scheme in the best possible light whilst using all the creative angles to get through any hurdles whilst simultaneously allowing the planning authorities to understand our vision.

We have the drive and determination to see things through, we know how prolonged and gruelling the whole procedure can be, however, to us the end justifies the means.
Strategic Land can provide massive returns for the Landowner, by partnering with us you stand a greater chance of maximising the upmost returns.

Land Acquisition

We look to maximise the upmost potential of the land with regards to value even where others have failed. We are not your ordinary inexperienced development partner! with director level involvement from day one, the landowner can always expect sincerity, transparency and most importantly proactiveness. We look to establish a professional and personal relationship with the Landowner. We believe that what sets up apart from the rest.

From the outset we propose our bespoke strategy to obtain planning approval. Our proposal will clearly lay out the financial objectives and incentives for both parties.

If you decide we the are right partner for you, we will commence work on the project immediately.

We understand that picking the right development partner is crucial for the success of your project, there is no room for error and time is of the essence and thus you can be sure that full focus and resources would be committed to your project.

We are far more approachable and hands on than your average development company, during the duration of our relationship, we will convene meetings at regular intervals to ensure you are satisfied with progress and provide you updates in the form of reports throughout the duration of our business relationship.
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Our professional consultancy background and our experience as principles gives us the competitive edge and provides you with unmatched value. We take on all the financial risk of undergoing the planning process. Our objective is to maximise value in a professional and timely manner will always be aligned with yours.

We have the ability to establish a working agreement by the following methods:
Purchasing unconditionally;
Joint Venture;
Entering into a subject to planning basis contract;
Entering into a land promotion deal and subject to conditions contract with the landowner
Selling it acting as agents through our network of approved buyers;

Providing end to end solutions for all stages of your project

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