Rightmove Named St Ives As Happiest Place To Live In UK

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The top ten happiest places to live in the UK have been revealed, with St Ives taking the top spot. 

Rightmove reported that the Cornish town offers the most in terms of community spirit, access to nature, opportunities to enjoy artistic and cultural activities, and sense of belonging. 

Tim Bannister, property expert at Rightmove, said: “Our Happy at Home survey really shows that the things that make people happy to live in their area are not so much the physical aspects of that area but more the personal aspects, such as our sense of belonging, the community and the people.”

St Ives in the south-west of England received excellent scores for community spirit, making residents feel comfortable to be themselves, and feeling like they belong. These characteristics have made it, along with Hexham, in the north-east, the most popular places to live since 2019. 

According to local estate agent Paul Le Bas, its cafes, restaurants, coastal walks, active community, vibrant atmosphere, and seasonal events are just some of the reasons why it is hugely popular. 

Subsequently, properties here command a typical asking price of £523,731, which is significantly higher than the national average. 

Land Registry recently revealed this to be £294,559, which means buyers in St Ives are spending an extra £230,000 to live in the beautiful area.

Also included in the top ten were Galashiels, Perth and Sterling in Scotland, Woodbridge and Bury St Edmunds in the east of England, Hexham in Northumberland, Harrogate in Yorkshire and the Humber, Anglesey in Wales, and Cirencester in the south-west. 
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