Resolve Boundary Disputes To Avoid Affecting Property Value

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Property owners should try to find a resolution to boundary disputes with their neighbours as quickly and co-operatively as possible, as unresolved disagreements could impact the value of the home. 

When trying to alter part of the property that is in common with next door, this can sometimes lead to disputes if the neighbour does not want the work to go ahead. 

However, solicitor John Gorner told Manchester Evening News that efforts should be made by both parties to compromise, as lingering problems can make it hard to sell a property.

“Even if they find somebody who is willing to buy the property; the purchase and mortgage lenders won't lend money on a property where there's an unresolved raging boundary dispute of some sort,” he stated.

Mr Gorner suggested disputes that are worth pursuing include boundary lines, if there is a big disparity over what each neighbour thinks belongs to them. 

He noted that taking the issue to court could cost up to £40,000, and the value of the land in question could be next to nothing, so it is important to weigh up whether it is worth going ahead with the case. 

Therefore, it is best to resolve the argument before taking it to court. 

To avoid any issues with neighbours, it is important to adhere to the Party Wall Act 1996, which obligates property owners to notify their neighbours of any work on shared structures, including removing, inserting, demolishing, rebuilding, or raising. Two months’ notice is required for this type of project.

Looking to do some work on your home this year? Call us for party wall act guidance and we can give you important information you need to know before going ahead with the work. 

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