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Due Diligence Building Survey Report

This type of survey is beneficial to ascertain whether a particular building a prospective buyer wants to acquire has any potential defects, maintenance issues or aspects lacking statutory compliance. This information will allow the prospective buyer to make an informed decision as to whether the property is a worthy investment and fit for the purpose that it intends to be acquired for. Further the report will endeavour to raise issues that may stall the acquisition process or stop the deal going through.

The prospect buyer can use the information in the report to try and negotiate a better price for the property. We endeavour to be as thorough and as detailed as possible to inform the client of their potential costs in relation to bringing the building to a statutory compliant and physically good standard.

We have listed the key aspects to be considered at various stages of our involvement when providing you with this particular service:

Prior to the inspection:

  • Initial discussion and ascertaining your exact requires and intention for the building to ensure a bespoke report suitable for your needs
  • Review of any existing information including surveys, drainage reports, asbestos registers and Health and Safety File. 
  • Desk top study to include review of local area, boundaries, assessing age of property, soil type and access requirements.

During the inspection:

  • Carrying out a meticulous inspection using a methodical approach of the building fabric that is never rushed to ascertain foreseeable and visible defects. 
  • Looking and making notes (but not limited to) on issues such as security, moisture ingress, maintenance and access & egress issues.  
  • Checking for deleterious materials such as Asbestos, Calcium chlorides and providing further recommendations on intrusive investigations or testing if required. 
  • Reviewing of the status of Statutory compliance of the building to include adherence to (but not limited to) the Equality Act 2010 and the Fire Safety Act 2021. 

What to expect in the report including aftercare:

  • Advice on ownership, neighbourly matters, defects, services installation, maintenance, presence of deleterious materials, remedial works required, and statutory compliance matters associated with the future intended purpose of the building and costs associated thereof.
  • Advice on dilapidations matters the client needs to be aware of. 
  • Advice on costs associated with the periodic maintenance of the building including. 
  • Review of the report with the client to ensure that the contents therein have been understood and advice in lay terms has been provided.

Pre-acquisition Building Survey

By performing a Pre-Acquisition Survey, our experienced team assists tenants in the process of deciding whether to buy or lease a commercial property.

What is a pre-acquisition survey?

Pre-acquisition surveys allow you to make an informed decision about a property. With the support of chartered surveyors like ourselves, you can gain a fuller understanding of the condition of a property and any liabilities under the terms of your lease.

It might be that at the end of the lease agreement, a landlord attempts to make a claim against the tenant if they feel you have caused any damage to the property. With a professional acquisition report, we can support you as the tenant by producing potential cost estimates to help with budgeting or negotiating.

If you are entering into a lease, it is highly advisable to seek professional advice before signing any lease agreement.

Why do I need a pre-acquisition survey?

A pre-acquisition survey can draw your attention to the condition of the demise both internally and externally at the time of acquiring a lease or building. It will point out issues that need immediate addressing or need to be reviewed and remedied in the mid or long term, protecting your position against unforeseeable costs and issues.
Matters relating to statutory compliance under the myriad of legislations relevant to commercial property, pointing out of deleterious materials or requirement of further investigation or intrusive testing, will be considered and advised upon and to ensure peace of mind subsequent to entering the lease.
The Pre-acquisition report could be used to negotiate the terms of the lease to the acquirer’s benefit once matters relating to defects or clarify matters that need to be resolved before an owner can market their property. Reinstatement Cost Assessments for insurance purposes and Planned Preventative Maintenance advice can also be sought simultaneously for an all-encompassing service.

Why Choose Adamo Estates?

At Adamo Estates, we have extensive expertise in conducting pre-acquisition surveys for many properties and tailoring our reports to meet the specific needs of the tenant. 

When it comes to evaluating properties, there is no such thing as too much information. From helping you negotiate the best possible deal to significantly reducing the risk of unforeseen issues and costs later down the line, the benefits of a pre-acquisition survey are many. 

If you are considering beginning procedures of entering a commercial lease and would like to enquire about any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Dilapidations Advice

All leases have obligations for the tenant to comply with, to ensure that the value of the landlord’s asset is not diminished as a consequence of what the tenant has done to the property.

In the event of a dilapidations claim the tenant will require sound and robust advice in relation to the legitimacy of the quantum requested by a Landlord, time frames and their position from a legal point of view.

We have highly experienced surveyors in house that are experts in construction, costs of remedial and reinstatement works and are aware of the different protocols relating to a dilapidations claim. We are well versed in the art of negotiation.

We are here to assist and will always look to obtain a favourable result for our client using our years of experience, creatives angles and providing bespoke solutions in a timely and orderly manner.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment

Property owners require appropriate insurance cover to safeguard themselves from having to pay out in the unfortunate event that their property is exposed to fire, flooding (due to weather or services leak), driven into by a motor vehicle or subject to a gas related explosion.

It is therefore prudent to ensure that your property is insured for the correct sum in relation to the rebuilding and reinstatement.

Not having an accurate valuation can pose significant risk on the property owner.

Our highly experienced surveyors take a thorough approach when preparing the reinstatement costs, taking into consideration many factors such as age and construction of the property.

Contacts us for advice in relation to obtaining an accurate valuation that can be relied upon to ensure peace of mind.

Commercial Schedule of Condition

Preparation of a Schedule of Condition to limit the tenant’s repairing liability is appended to a lease prior to commencement. The purpose of this document is to accurately depict the condition of the property at the time that the inspection takes place to limit the repair liability of the tenant in the event of a dilapidations claim.

We regularly prepare detailed and thorough Schedule of Conditions with descriptive content describing the condition including cracking, structural movements and other issues. The content is correlated with photographic evidence to ensure completeness, thoroughness and accuracy.

This safeguards the position of both the tenant and Landlord.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

This service is required to prepare a detailed maintenance plan of a particular property in order to assist with preparing accurate cost information in relation to setting service charge thresholds.

Section 20 Works

Section 20 of the Landlord and tenant Act 1985 is invoked when the landlord wishes to carry out works to the block of flats. In accordance with the aforementioned legislation the leaseholders have a right to be consulted prior to works being carried out for which they will be required to contribute.

A myriad of different types of work could be proposed such as external decorations and internal repairs.

Our highly experienced surveyors can assist with the smooth running of the process by liaising with the leaseholders and professional consultants.

We can assist with appointing and managing the contractor and fair defraying of apportioned costs between the leaseholders.

Contact us today to see how we may be able to assist.

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