Priory Road, West Hampstead, NW6

Client: Private Leaseholder

Architect: Wajid H Bokhari Arb Architect

Synopsis: License to Alter, Premium Residential Property

Full Description: Adamo Estates was instructed to assist in obtaining the freeholders consent. When the client wished to carry out works to their flat there was an obligation to obtain a License to Alter for the works that they were proposing. Due to our experience in these matters we were able to simply and easily obtain the consent for them.

Services provided: 

  • Reviewing the Lease to check whether the Works proposed by the Client required Consent from the Freeholder
  • Reviewed all Design Information available on the Project, which included Drawings and Structural Appraisal 
  • Making contact with the Freeholders and Managing Agent
  • Dealing with Information Requests
  • Forwarding all Recommendations to the Legal Advisors and assisting in obtaining The License To Alter
  • Conducting the Final Inspection and closing the file

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