As property developers we get introduced to a lot of investment and development opportunities (both off and on the market) that may suit the needs of one of our many contacts. We look to obtain your requirements from you at the outset. We may have a property deal on our records that could suits your financial objectives. With access to many opportunities direct to vendor the list of which is always growing, we look to introduce the right deal to the right buyer acting on behalf of landowners and / or prospective proprietors. Further if you are building or landowner and want us to introduce your site to a buyer, please get in touch.



We regularly canvass sites with development potential and look to enter into deals with the landowner. This can be done by a number of ways by either of the following:

• Purchasing unconditionally
• Joint Venture
• Sell it acting as agents through our network of approved buyers
• Entering into a subject to planning basis contract; this usually gives the Landowner a greater return on their land once sold.
• We increase the value of their land or building by obtaining planning approval to facilitate residential led buildings
• Entering into a land promotion deal and subject to conditions contract with the landowner
• Entering into land promotion contracts with Strategic Landowners; areas of underutilised land near areas struggling to keep up with their housing targets.
• We look to add 1000’s of homes by way of planning approval in such areas over 1000’s of acres of land



With direct contact and liaison with lenders and funding institutes we can offer competitive finance. Depending on your requirements there may be several funding options for you such as:

• Bridging Finance
• Senior Debt
• Development Funding
• Business Loan
• Mezzanine Finance
• Conditional and Unconditional Land Purchase
• Equity raising